The Wizard of SOD feels pride in its capacity to make customers happy. We gladly offer in-home evaluations to anybody hoping to boost the visual appeal of their landscape. We understand how troublesome it can for people to comprehend the items and manage time to maintain. We are here to help you in making the best decision for your property to look exceptionally green.


We offer various kinds of SOD administrations for our clients. Our Artificial Turf in Charlotte, NC administrations are for the private property grass establishments and also for the commercial sites. We keep our standards and values with respect to our product quality, and customer service. We know that installing artificial grass into your landscape is a huge venture, and we are happy to help you in each progression by giving you the data and all information you must know.


Artificial Turf in Charlotte, NC has immediately become popular and the go-to item to lessen the consumption for the property owners. The recent progressions in the techniques and assembling of artificial turf have made an immense shift in the demand for the product.


Regardless of whether you are planning to get your front yard, lawn, or your porch ready with artificial turf, we are prepared to assist you with settling on the correct choice. We will help you and guide you with picking the kind of artificial turf that better suits your necessities. With regard to business properties, The Wizard of SOD is a reliable company you need to employ and will be happy to work with. We have the best group of professional people to do your artificial turf installation. We offer you the best cost in the market for the best worth.


Enhance the look of your landscape and adds the aesthetic green feel to it in abundance. Our best quality artificial turf gives your property appealing feel just like the natural grass. Our artificial turf posses the actual grass texture, shades, and life-like colors. Additionally, it does not require much care and time for maintenance and gives your place a clean and fresh look. Our focus is to create a beautiful green landscape with minimum maintenance.


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