If you are looking for artificial turf in the market that looks natural then you are at the right place. The Wizard of SOD is known for providing installation services to the property owners for Artificial Turf in Weddington, NC. Additionally, we also provide a wide range of different products and services for disease management services and pest control for the wellbeing of our clients. We assure you that we fully manage your turf installation process and also keep you involved in each development.


We do turf installation on private properties from little back nursery gardens to huge landscape ventures. We also take care of business ventures including school play areas, office open spaces, and sports fields. To ensure you get the best outcome we manufacture products with high-quality standards and gracefully introduce artificial turf, and an abundance of experience is available to you for the project. One of the most engaging highlights of manufactured turf is that it doesn’t require the measure of care as compared to the amount of upkeep natural grass garden must-have.


Once you install Artificial Turf in Weddington, NC you never have to prepare, cut, circulate air through, or squander tremendous measures of water to have green grass that can surround your home with fresh green feel. Artificial turf is long-lasting but it does not mean that it requires no care. To keep your grass putting its best self forward and to get the most satisfaction out of your venture, you should play out a touch of normal cleaning and upkeep.


Our turf is the most natural-looking with a soft texture and stays stable. It is also perfect for support ventures. You can contact us 704 807 0667 today and the professional customer service of The Wizard of SOD will help you in all the possible ways we can.