Is there uneven land that needs to be done or you want to prepare the site to do some development project?


Before doing it by your hands with the help of some DIY guide think about the consequences and what will happen if you don’t hire a professional contractor. You may save some money but does the poor work that will need more correction and time worth it. Grading is on the most dangerous work and the base of any project. You cannot do all the grading work without the help of professionals. Grading is not something and that an untrained person can do because they will be prone to mistake and end up is a mess.


The Wizard of Sod is a reputed and skilled Grading Contractor in Charlotte and we take pride in our trained and expert workmanship. We are dedicated to our work and keep on deep communication with our clients throughout the grading project to meet your needs and requirement. We provide a wide variety of services that emphasize mainly on quality work, affordable price and customer service.


We come up with a variety of specializing grading services throughout Charlotte NC area for both residential, commercial and agriculture customers. We use the best material and advanced types of equipment that make sure it withstands in the extreme weather condition. We employ qualified and knowledgeable craftsmanship and staff to work simultaneously.


Grading is commonly linked to the construction of a building or any other development project. There are other reasons as well for hiring the grading service for residential and commercial properties. For the landscaping grading is done to convert the rocky field into a plane ground, to install a pond or pool, or to add a patio or driveway or any other structure to enhance the value of the property.


Experience is the key to make grading work smarter than harder. The expertise of grading knows how to work with patience and in time. We deliver superior services in everything we do and use the latest grading equipment.


We are the best Charlotte Grading Contractor who was fond of and couldn’t give up our childhood dump trucks so we decided to exchange them with the huge versions. In the world of construction grading is the first and most important step. Graders are responsible for preparing the site to start construction, trenching and many other land-related tasks and we operate many huge and recently developed types of equipment.


The Wizard of Sod is always ready to give you whatever service you need. We offer custom designs for every project. Our experience, values, and commitment to safety make us different from others. We are dedicated to making our customers with work of high quality and fairly priced.


If you are looking for someone for quality land-related work and grading contractor contact us right now for the free quote at; 704 807 0667.