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If you always take pride in how big and attractive your yard is, the best way to make it look even more luscious is by going for seed and fertilizer services in Charlotte NC. But, not many homeowners are aware of the importance of grass seed and fertilizer or the role they play in creating and maintaining a beautiful yard.

Seed and fertilizer in Charlotte not only helps create a lawn that is thick, green, and plush, but also helps manage different elements that can otherwise end up being harmful to your lawn. From seeding your lawn to offering seasonal fertilization services like aeration and overseeding, the Wizard of Sod is one of the best and reliable landscaping companies in Charlotte NC that offers outstanding seed and fertilizer services in the region.

Lawn Seeding Charlotte NC

When it comes to seeding your lawn, there are a few things that should be considered before commencing the process: the ideal time for seeding, the time is taken by the grass seed to germinate, grass seed fertilizer and maintenance requirements, etc. are a few factors to take into account.

A lawn care specialist from the Wizard of Sod will be able to guide you in making the right decisions for all these considerations and provide you with essential knowledge to create a new lawn or refurbish your existing one. Ask for our seasonal services or maintenance programs to make sure that your lawn remains beautiful and healthy at all times, constantly adding value to your property.

Lawn Fertilization Charlotte NC

Fertilization is extremely essential for a great lawn. It provides all essential mineral elements, promoting photosynthesis, thus making your lawn highly attractive and healthy. When it comes to lawn fertilizer, you get to choose from a wide array of processes, some of which include:

  • Spring fertilizer and weed control
  • Summer fertilizer and weed control
  • Fall fertilizer and weed control
  • Aeration
  • Lime treatment
  • Overseeding, and more

Each of these best lawn fertilizer services has benefits of their own. At the Wizard of Sod, our lawn care experts always use the best fertilizer for grass seed, and deliver amazing results, making everyone fall in love with your yard. Talk to us and tell us your seeding and garden fertilizer needs and our experts will be more than happy to help you find the perfect solution.

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Alex Jones

“Throughout the process, the team was involved with my vision and involved me at every step. Everyone does great technical work, but The Wizard of Sod made me feel more in control about the work they were doing and that’s exactly what I like about them. The best team to hire for a number of different services.”

Jon Lewis

“The team at The Wizard of Sod made me smile when I saw my pool deck & patio after they had finished their work. The decorative concrete looked so beautiful, even better than it looked in the designs. Even when I had budget constraints these guys provided me a fair price and stayed within the budget. The results are great and I would recommend them to anyone!!”

Michael McGee

“I take care of my lawn a lot, but our semi rough terrain along with the red clay, always ended up having patched areas throughout the yard. I heard that Sod installation would help solve the problem, but I couldn’t find anyone reliable to do it the way I wanted except for The Wizard of Sod. They came in, graded the old soil, stamped it to a level pane and then put the Sod over it. They also gave a detailed guideline on how to take care of it. They are understanding and highly knowledgeable when it comes to soil and grass problems.”