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Whether you need sod to cover up a specific area on your lawn, for a brand new construction project, or completely renovating your lawn, the Wizard of Sod is capable of handling your various sod installation needs. We specialize in both urban and rural sod installation Charlotte for both residential and commercial spaces. With a decade of experience as a sod installation company in Charlotte NC, we have spent a lot of time refining the process of our sod services, right from the start to finish, to give you the best results possible.

As a leading sod company in Charlotte, we constantly strive to deliver superior customer service on every single project we take up.

Our sod installation process is inclusive of two steps: site preparation and sod installation. The former involves processes like lawn clearance, grade work, top soil installation, soil conditioning, final touches, and rolling. When it comes to the actual sod installation process, we take care of everything, from sod delivery and installation to leaving you with detailed watering and maintenance instructions to keep your sod healthy, and everything in between.

The sod installation professionals at the Wizard of Sod are known for providing the best sod service in the whole region, delivering high quality results at all times.

In addition to serving as one of the most reliable and go-to sod installation companies for residences in Charlotte NC, the Wizard of Sod also serves commercial spaces, offering undeniable sod services in and around the neighborhood.

Whether it is a complete backyard makeover that you are after or looking to make the lawn outside your office more appealing and welcoming, our skilled and experienced sod installation professionals in Charlotte NC will take care of all your needs.

Our experts are trained to work on yards or lawns of different shapes and sizes; therefore, you are assured highest quality services from the best Charlotte sod company. Give us a call today for a free lawn evaluation and estimation, or visit our office today to learn more about our expertise and services we offer. To make sure that you get top quality sod in Charlotte, the Wizard of Sod is the ideal choice!

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Alex Jones

“Throughout the process, the team was involved with my vision and involved me at every step. Everyone does great technical work, but The Wizard of Sod made me feel more in control about the work they were doing and that’s exactly what I like about them. The best team to hire for a number of different services.”

Jon Lewis

“The team at The Wizard of Sod made me smile when I saw my pool deck & patio after they had finished their work. The decorative concrete looked so beautiful, even better than it looked in the designs. Even when I had budget constraints these guys provided me a fair price and stayed within the budget. The results are great and I would recommend them to anyone!!”

Michael McGee

“I take care of my lawn a lot, but our semi rough terrain along with the red clay, always ended up having patched areas throughout the yard. I heard that Sod installation would help solve the problem, but I couldn’t find anyone reliable to do it the way I wanted except for The Wizard of Sod. They came in, graded the old soil, stamped it to a level pane and then put the Sod over it. They also gave a detailed guideline on how to take care of it. They are understanding and highly knowledgeable when it comes to soil and grass problems.”