Why is Stump Removal Necessary?


While many of you may be thinking that cutting down a tree is the hardest project, the fact is that stump removal is actually tougher. Stump removal is a lot more complicated than any other tree service, which is why you would often find old stumps in many people’s yards. Stump removal is certainly not an easy project, but it is definitely doable. You need to be aware of the right methods and hire the right company for stump removal in Charlotte NC to get the job done more easily and quickly.

So, why should you have the tree stumps in your yard removed by a tree service company in Charlotte NC?

They are Ugly

Would you like the view of old stumps surrounding your landscape every time you look out into your yard? This is certainly not a sight any homeowner would find appealing. Having spent all that money on maintaining your landscape and patio, why do you have to leave a tree stump to take away all that beauty? Also, if you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, this will definitely be a negative aspect that could possibly drive away potential buyers. Hiring a leading stump removal company in Charlotte NC, like Wizard of Sod, will help increase the value and enhance the appearance of your property, while also making it cleaner and visually appealing.

To Improve Safety

Some stumps stay protruded above the surface and hence will be easily visible; however, they could also be stumps that are camouflaged by weeds, grass, or other plans. No matter how the stumps are in your backyard, they pose a serious safety risk for everyone in your home, especially if you have kids. When kids play in your yard, they may easily trip over without noticing the stumps. It doesn’t end here; tree stumps can also damage your mower if you hit it on a stump when mowing your lawn. What’s even worse is that is someone else trips over, say a neighbor, you will be held accountable.

For More Yard Space

A large stump in your yard can create space limitations like you never imagined. Of course, the tree that was once there did an excellent job of providing shade and also added beauty to your yard; but, the stump simply occupies precious yard space without contributing to the aesthetic appeal of your property. Removing the stump with the help of a professional stump removal company in Charlotte NC will give you sufficient space that you can use in different ways. From building a play space for your kids or creating an exclusive garden space, to installing a swimming pool or building an extended deck to host barbecue nights, your options are endless.

They Infect Other Trees

When you have one or more stumps in your backyard, you should be concerned about not just those stumps, but also about the neighboring plants and trees. Yes, stumps have the ability to absorb nutrients from other plants and trees, some of which you may actually want to grow. In addition, the decay of stumps can nurture fungus that then infects all the neighboring trees, which eventually will have to be cut down too. Furthermore, rotting stumps can house ants, wood wasps, termites, rodents, beetles, and snakes, all of which can damage your property and can be extremely dangerous for your family.

Prevent New Growth

Tree stumps actually have the energy in their roots to sprout new growth once again. This could be a problem if that tree was something you never wanted in your yard. Also, once the new roots start developing, stump removal can become much more difficult. Therefore, it is best to have professional remove the stump as early as possible.

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