Things to Know about Brick Paver Patios


Brick pavers are currently one of the most attractive options for anyone designing their outdoor living space. The reasons for this popularity are many: brick pavers offer a lot of different options in terms of design, will last for years to come when installed properly, and are relatively less expensive. With so many options and styles available for you to choose from, you need to learn everything you possibly can about brick pavers before arriving at a decision.

Advantages of Brick Pavers

When shopping for brick pavers, it is important to be careful, because even stones that are shaped like bricks can sometimes be referred to as brick pavers. Therefore, make sure that the actual material is brick. Following are some most common benefits of brick pavers Charlotte NC:

  • Long lasting: Though bricks are known to crack or chip with time, they still have the ability to last for several years, even generations. Factors like moisture, traffic, etc. put pressure on bricks, causing them to break. When maintained properly, this pressure can be reduced and your brick pavers will last forever.
  • Better color retention: Bricks attain their natural color from the combination of different types of clays. Therefore, brick pavers Charlotte NC have the ability to retain color better than any other material, even when exposed to the sun’s UV rays.
  • Environment-friendly: One obvious aspect that makes bricks environment-friendly is the fact that they are made completely with natural materials. In addition, they are also saved, cleaned, and reused, which makes them a viable choice of material.
  • Requires less maintenance: Bricks do not stain easily, and therefore are easy to clean and maintain when compared to most other materials.
  • Eternal charm: Unlike other materials, bricks are apparently superior in terms of their style and appearance. Even aged brick pavers will maintain their eternal charm.

Things to Remember

When you choose to use brick pavers Charlotte NC for your patio, the first decision you will have to make is the location. Use a measuring tape, landscape marking paint, or landscape flags to mark the area in your outdoor living space where you want brick pavers to be installed. This will be greatly helpful in determining the actual amount of brick pavers Charlotte NC you will require for your space.

Once you have chosen the location, you need to move on to choosing the type of brick pavers that will best suit your patio design. You will be left with a lot of options to choose from, such as tumbled, dimpled/embossed, smooth/non-tumbled, and more. If you are confused, you can discuss with your Charlotte NC brick pavers contractor to make the right choice.

Next will be the selection of the color for your patio brick pavers Charlotte NC. Before choosing a color, you should take a look at the colors in and around your home, like that of your trim, ceiling, etc., so that the color of your patio will be an extension of the same. If you like, you can also go for contrasting colors to make your patio stand out.

The final thing to choose will be the arrangement of brick pavers. Even with this, you have several different options to choose from, including the basic and straightforward rectangular patterns to complex geometric ones.

Whatever design and color you choose, make sure that they blend well with your landscape gardens. Professional Charlotte NC brick pavers contractors will be able to help you throughout the process.

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